The Matriarch Elk Call


The Matriarch Elk Call


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The Matriarch Elk Call

By: Steve Chappell

The Matriarch Elk Call
Open Reed Elk Call

May-Tree-Ark: 1. A female head of a family or tribe. 2. The mother and ruler of a family or of her descendants.

The Call Bulls Love to Hear! Produces all cow/calf mews & nasally estrus sounds! Can be blown loudly for long distance locating or softly for close in coaxing.
Produces the nasally, three dimensional sounds the bulls respond to during the rut & beyond. Easy to blow and sensitive with that exact “sweet” sexy tonal quality that triggers the bulls to come to you!

Custom call with a rich wood barrel which gives the call a distinct, unique tonal quality not achieved by other “plastic” calls on the market. This call sounds different than any other “wood” barrel call that you may have tried due to the sound board and reed design. All the components of this call are perfectly matched & tuned for incredible elk realism.
Field tested & proven with amazing results! Order yours today and see for yourself why this is the best elk call to hit the market in recent years.

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